Update: UX Improvements

Today’s update brings more player-requested improvements to the game, mostly involving tooltips.  

1) We now highlight buffed stats in green and debuffed stats in red. If you mouseover these stats, the TOOLTIPS will show you where the buffs/debuffs came from and whether or not they are temporary. This should make it much easier to figure out why a stat changed.

2) The tooltip for a card’s gold cost will now show you what the original cost of the card was before it got discounted.

3) The tooltip for resources will now tell you which type of card that resource is most helpful for.

These improvements should make it even easier to learn the game and the relationships between the various cards and elements.  This is live on both Kongregate and Steam.  Thanks!

Age of Rivals Launches on Steam March 14

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally on the verge of bringing Age of Rivals to a second platform: Steam!  The game officially made it through Greenlight on February 16, and we’ve been preparing for launch ever since.  

The release date is March 14 (Pi Day!).  You can check out our Store Page now and add the game to your Wishlist.  You can also check out our Community Hub.

We will be having an initial launch sale of 10% off.  And as we mentioned before, if you’ve been playing on Kongregate, you may be eligible for a free Steam copy and we can also copy your account over if you want.  Details here.

This is good news for all our players since the game will support cross-platform play.  We’re excited to welcome a new group of players to the Age of Rivals community!  

Age of Rivals on Steam Greenlight and New Trailer

Help Age of Rivals get on Steam by voting for the game to get through Greenlight

The Steam edition of the game is a little different than the Kongregate version:

  • No in-app purchases in this edition. All cards and characters unlock at a fast pace just by playing the game. 
  • Challenge yourself with bonus DLC single-player content (pre-included in this edition)

(If you have spent $10 or more in the Kongregate version of the game, please email support@darkinertia.com to receive a free copy of the Steam version when it launches.) Thanks in advance for your help!

New Trailer

Learn how to run a great civilization in 10 easy steps with our new trailer. 

Age of Rivals Featured on Kongregate

Age of Rivals was featured on the front page in the Hot New Games section for the past 2 weeks. We are so thankful to our Kongregate users who have responded very positively to the game and rated it a 4.2 out of 5 with over 100,000 plays. It’s been wonderful seeing so many people in the chat and so much activity in the forums.

Three Guaranteed Cards are Greater Than One

Today’s update brings some small but often requested changes to the game.  

One of the more common feature requests in Age of Rivals is for slightly more control over strategy by way of more deck-building.  However we also often hear that players like that there is less deck-building in this game, and that they would prefer it stay this way.  

We are also aware that most players don’t even get to fully try out the current level of deck-building, because most players never get to the point where they can Guarantee more than one card.  Playing with 3 Guaranteed cards feels pretty different than playing with just 1 (we think).

So before we make any changes, we want to allow more players to play the game as intended.  To that end, we have reduced the number of Rival Cards you have to get to unlock the 2nd and 3rd slots on every rival.  It used to be 2/10/25, and now it is 2/5/10.  This means that many of you will likely have more slots unlocked the next time you load up the game.

Another frequent request is to be able to earn coins by playing the computer.  So we have also added a reward for beating the computer, including Easy, Hard and Campaign games.  It’s not as much as for beating a human (and you get nothing for losing), but it’s something.

Finally, we have removed the intro Friend Mission, because many players have a hard time completing it.  If you already have it in your Mission List, it will be dismissible.  

Thanks for all the feedback!  We hope these changes improve everyone’s experience.  We have also been working on bringing Age of Rivals to more platforms.  More news on that soon!

Age of Rivals Kongregate Launch

We are now fully launched on our first real platform: Kongregate!  Check out the full version of the game at http://www.kongregate.com/games/RobotoGames/age-of-rivals/.

This officially marks the end of our web beta phase.  Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us get to this point.  The game is much more fun thanks to all your feedback.  

If you’d like to move your account from our website to a Kongregate account, email us at contact@robotogames.com and tell us your old account name and your new account name.


AoR Update: Ranking, Alliances and Campaigns

Today’s update brings three big new features to the game as well as several smaller improvements, many requested directly by players.  Here’s a roundup of the most important changes:

Empire Rank – Stats are now being tracked for all “Vs Anyone” games, and players can earn up to 1000 Science each month based on how high they rank.  This is our first take on tournament-style play, and we will continue to improve it over time.  You can see your stats in the Empire view (Rank VIII is the lowest and Rank I is the highest).

Empire Alliances – Players can now form Alliances with up to 10 members, and each member can earn bonus coins every day based on how active the Alliance is.  Over time, we will expand what Alliances are used for (let us know your ideas), but for now it’s a great way to earn coins faster and find friends in the community.  Every member in the Alliance gets 10 coins for each member that won a game (Vs Anyone) the previous day (up to 100 coins per day).

Campaigns – Our first Campaign is here!  Campaigns are custom single-player levels that players can master to earn new unique never-before-seen cards.  They are designed to be challenging but fun, and may require several tries (with different guaranteed cards) to win.  This first campaign rewards Lorenzo, Xiong and Soraya rival cards (2 each) plus 3 new Epic cards.

More Missions – A new mission will appear every 12 hours now instead of every 24 hours.  So that means two missions per day instead of just one.  Just like before, missions will accumulate even while you’re away (up to 3) so if you only play once per day, you will still get two new missions when you return to the game.

Fast Mode – For advanced players who want faster games, we’ve added a “Fast Mode” button in-game next to the menu button.  This will speed up all animation in the game, but is currently only enabled for single player games (Vs Computer and Campaign games).  We’ll possibly add it as a matchmaking feature too if it is popular.

Shop Specials – We will be trying out various special deals in the shop (Kongregate users only).  Right now every player can get a bundle of 25 card packs for only 50 Kreds.  

Epic Card Drop Rate – We’ve made it a little easier to get epic cards in card packs.

Rule Change – Multiple guaranteed cards of the same phase will now try to draw on different turns instead of always drawing on the same turn.  

Updated Art – Lots of new art throughout the whole game.

Rival Stories – Character backstories in the Rivals view for most rivals.

Card Fixes – Multiple card tweaks and fixes.  One notable change is that “Maracena Dancer” and “Another Horseman” can no longer be drafted by the other player.  They will now get replaced if passed.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff!  Let us know what you think!

Age of Rivals Update: Missions

Our next major update is ready, and it introduces the concept of your Empire.  Over time, we will expand upon this concept, but the part that we are releasing first is Missions.  Missions are daily goals that you can complete for rewards such as coins and rival cards.  By completing missions, you will be able to unlock cards and rival slots more easily than before.

The good news is that Missions make it easier to earn rewards for more varied play styles.  Based on which Missions you get, you can earn rewards for playing vs. the Computer or vs. your friends.  Several Missions also reward rival cards directly, so it’s easier to unlock rival slots now.  

However, to balance the increased rewards you can gain through Missions, we have adjusted the coins that are rewarded through playing games.  Now you earn 15 coins for a win, 10 coins for a tie, and 5 coins for a loss.  This sounds like bad news, but as we mentioned before, we are in beta and we will have to adjust the game economy from time to time.  The old rewards were temporarily high to make up for the fact that other features weren’t ready yet, but now it’s time to bring them back down to the amounts we originally planned.  Also know that we are planning even more ways to earn rewards in the next few updates, through features such as Alliances and Campaigns (more info on them soon).  


Today’s update also includes art improvements in the game screen.  And finally, we have made several bug fixes related to several cards: Silencers, Master Thief, Bastion, Briliant Tactician, cards with blocking effects, and more.

As always, we want to hear what you think.  Thanks for playing!

Why did I build Age of Rivals?

Late last year, I was trying to find the perfect game for my wife and I to play on any given weeknight after putting the kids to bed.  Our favorite games to play together are strategy board games, but many of those are hard to set up and play on a weeknight if we’re already low on energy or time, and they’re usually more fun with a group.  I really like CCGs like Hearthstone because of how replayable they are, but my wife does not like the deck-building aspect.  She doesn’t want to have to figure out a strategy before the game can start.  We wanted to just be able to jump into something with no setup and have a fun, fair game where we try to outsmart each other.  Over and over again without it getting repetitive.

So this is the game I set out to try to design, and with lots of help from Curt and Mathilde, we ended up with Age of Rivals.  Why is this the perfect game for us?

  • It has all the mechanical depth of a great strategy boardgame, but:
    • It’s digital so there’s no setup or rule tracking, and players take simultaneous turns.  Less downtime, more fun time.  Games last about 15 minutes.
    • Unlike many digital board game ports, it’s designed to fit on a single screen, large or small.  No panning the screen or squinting at small text.  
  • It has all the tactical depth and replayability of a CCG (200 cards and counting), but:
    • There’s no deckbuilding required.  It’s all about the moment-to-moment tactical decisions.  You design your strategy as you go.  
    • Any card you own might show up in any game, so all games end up being surprising, unpredictable and unique.  
    • The interactions are simple.  Just choose 1 card out of 4.  Abilities are always automatically triggered and targeted.  

We’re hoping this might also be a great game for other people.  Specifically, we think it would work well for:

  • A strategy gamer to play with a more casual gamer.  Players start the game on equal footing.  Just draft the best 16 cards you can.
  • CCG fans (Hearthstone) who just like trying to outwit an opponent more than they like building a deck, and who want every game to be surprising and have maximum variety.
  • Board-game fans (7 Wonders, Dominion, Through the Ages) who want a quicker experience with no setup, cleanup, or rule tracking, and that fits well on a phone-sized screen.  
  • Fans of civilization-building games (Civilization) who like to try to balance the concepts of culture, economy, offense and defense, but want to do it in a distilled, 15 minute experience.

We think Age of Rivals combines the most fun aspects of our favorite board games and CCGs in a unique way.  We hope you agree!  

Old Art

If you’re still reading this, congrats on making it to the oldest post!  When I moved the blog over from its old home at www.robotogames.com/blog, I decided to stop here.  Posts older than this are no longer very relevant.  But I thought it would be fun to put up some of the old art from those posts, so here it is: