Update: Balance Changes and More

Today’s medium-sized update aims to address a few player-requested issues before we officially launch on mobile.  This also includes our second round of card balance tweaks.  We analyzed game data and read all the comments on both Kongregate and Steam forums before deciding which cards to change.  

The biggest source of controversy recently has been Graverobber Baron.  We agonized over this one, but ultimately we decided to leave it unchanged.  There were good arguments on both sides, but we were more swayed by the players who wanted to keep it as-is.  We think this card plays an interesting and somewhat unique role in the overall composition of the game.  The game benefits from having dramatic late game cards that can turn the tide in big ways, and GB is not really one of the more OP ones.  It has almost exactly a 50% win rate, which is lower than several other cards.  But we still might change our minds in the future, so keep letting us know what you think.  

Balance changes:

  • Warmonger -1 attack
  • Silencers -1 culture
  • Patrons -1 gold cost
  • Arms Dealers -1 armor, +1 attack, -1 gold cost
  • Brilliant Tactic -1 gold cost (now free)
  • Blind Bolt Throwers -1 base attack (ability unchanged)

Other changes requested by players:

  • Friend games no longer have a turn timer.
  • You will now hear an audio warning during timed games when you only have 5 seconds left.  This will only happen if you have Sound Effects turned on.
  • The Normal AI is now a little easier.  The Hard AI is still the same.  

We hope you enjoy these changes!  Our next big update will be to get this game onto mobile finally.  

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