Local Multiplayer and a New Brand

This holiday season brings an update featuring a new way to play Age of Rivals. I’m happy to announce that the game now has a local multiplayer mode, which means you can play a Hot Seat or Pass & Play game vs a friend on one device. This update will be rolling out on all platforms over the next couple of days.

Also, if you’re reading this you probably noticed that the official website and branding of the game has changed from Roboto Games to Dark Inertia. When I (Vijay) first created Age of Rivals, Roboto Games published it and helped me get the first release out the door. It has been a great partnership, allowing me to focus on design and development while using their pre-existing infrastructure to distribute the game and updates.

These days, we’re all focused on multiple projects. Roboto is developing an exciting IO game (Arx Arcana), I created a puzzle game with another friend (Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots), and I’d now like to devote more time to Age of Rivals again. So it seems like a good time to take over publishing duties on it and move it to my own personal studio: Dark Inertia.

I intend for Dark Inertia to focus on Age of Rivals and games like it: 2-player turn-based strategy games that are designed for digital devices but based on fun physical board and card game mechanics. I have exciting plans for the future, so sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned!

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