Age of Rivals Update: Missions

Our next major update is ready, and it introduces the concept of your Empire.  Over time, we will expand upon this concept, but the part that we are releasing first is Missions.  Missions are daily goals that you can complete for rewards such as coins and rival cards.  By completing missions, you will be able to unlock cards and rival slots more easily than before.

The good news is that Missions make it easier to earn rewards for more varied play styles.  Based on which Missions you get, you can earn rewards for playing vs. the Computer or vs. your friends.  Several Missions also reward rival cards directly, so it’s easier to unlock rival slots now.  

However, to balance the increased rewards you can gain through Missions, we have adjusted the coins that are rewarded through playing games.  Now you earn 15 coins for a win, 10 coins for a tie, and 5 coins for a loss.  This sounds like bad news, but as we mentioned before, we are in beta and we will have to adjust the game economy from time to time.  The old rewards were temporarily high to make up for the fact that other features weren’t ready yet, but now it’s time to bring them back down to the amounts we originally planned.  Also know that we are planning even more ways to earn rewards in the next few updates, through features such as Alliances and Campaigns (more info on them soon).  


Today’s update also includes art improvements in the game screen.  And finally, we have made several bug fixes related to several cards: Silencers, Master Thief, Bastion, Briliant Tactician, cards with blocking effects, and more.

As always, we want to hear what you think.  Thanks for playing!

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