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  • Should I play the free version or the premium version?
  • How can I play Age of Rivals offline?
    • Going Offline
      • When you first launch the app, you will have an option to Play Offline without registering an account.
      • Whenever you launch the app without an internet connection, you will have a button to Play Offline.
      • If you get a Saving error while online because you lost internet connectivity, wait 10 seconds and you will be given an option to save locally instead and continue playing offline.
    • While Offline
      • All your progress will be saved locally (on your device).
      • All features are available except Alliances, Monthly Tournament Stats and Multiplayer games.
    • Going Back Online
      • To go back online, use the button in the Settings menu or restart the app.
      • When switching back online, all progress you made while offline will be saved to your online account.
    • Playing on multiple devices
      • If you have an online account and switch to a new device, make sure to log in online at least once before playing offline so you can download your old progress.
      • If you play on multiple devices, you should save your progress online before switching devices. If you have local unsaved progress on device A, and then play on device B and save progress there, your progress on device A will be overwritten when you go back online there. This is because we have no way of easily determining which device’s progress you want to keep since they are happening in parallel.
      • Avoid this situation by staying online (or going back online) before playing on a different device.
    • NOTE: We strongly recommend creating an online account and playing online occasionally so that we can backup your progress online. This also allows you to sync across multiple devices and play multiplayer.
  • I am on iOS 9.x and the latest update requires iOS 10.x. Why?
    • Unfortunately Age of Rivals does not run on certain older devices, and the only way we have (post-launch) to effectively stop those device owners from accidentally purchasing the game is to require 10.0 (since those devices cannot update to 10.0). Any device that is actually capable of running the game should also be able to update to iOS 10.0, but we understand if you’d rather not. So we make an older version of Age of Rivals available as well so you can play on a 9.x device (but you won’t have the latest update).
    • If you previously bought the game on iOS 9, you can update to version 3.12. You may be required to Play Offline if this version becomes incompatible with the server in the future, but playing offline will always be a viable option and all features and content except social/multiplayer features are available offline.
    • Here is more info on why we had to make this decision:
  • Wasn’t this game made by Roboto Games?
    • I (Vijay Myneni) designed and developed Age of Rivals, and Roboto Games (an excellent indie studio I enjoy collaborating with) originally published it.     

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