Age of Rivals Editions

Premium Edition

The premium edition is like a board game that continues to expand itself as you play until all content is unlocked after a set number of games.

  • Platforms
    • Steam (PC/Mac)
    • iOS (Mobile/Tablet)
    • Android (Mobile/Tablet)
  • Content
    • All cards and characters unlock linearly and quickly just by playing.
    • Play to earn coins, spend coins to unlock content through card packs, but NEVER receive duplicate cards you don’t need.
    • No hard-to-obtain cards. All cards will be unlocked by all players after opening the same number of card packs.
    • NO in-app purchases.
  • Other
    • Single player campaigns freely available to play at any time
    • Unlimited missions with no timer
    • 8 rival cards needed to unlock each rival fully
    • Higher coin rewards per game

Free to Play Edition

The free to play edition is like a collectible card game where you can grind or spend money to unlock all content over a long period of time.

  • Platforms
    • Kongregate (Web) only
  • Content
    • Traditional free-to-play CCG-style progression. Play to earn coins, spend coins to buy card packs that grant new game cards and characters.
    • Duplicate cards received can be recycled and crafted into new cards.
    • Cards have rarity, meaning some content is very hard to obtain.
    • Can spend real money (Kreds) to buy more card packs.
  • Other
    • Can spend real money (Kreds) or coins to unlock campaigns
    • 2 new missions per day
    • 17 rival cards needed to unlock each rival fully
    • Lower coin rewards per game

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